Carpet Cleaning Coupons

Carpet Cleaning CouponsEverybody loves a good coupon and that goes for carpet cleaning too. You have probably seen plenty of coupons come through your mailbox. Some of them are legit and some of them are not. Here are some things to look at to determine whether that coupon is a good deal or part of a bait and switch tactic.
Is the price too cheap to believe?
Carpet cleaning is an expensive business to be in. The machines that legitimate cleaners use, truck mounted steam cleaners, cost on average about $18000. They are also so large that one ton vans are required to move them around. Add to this the expense of insurance, gasoline, supplies and advertising and you can see that nobody could stay in business cleaning carpet for $10 a room. This is an obvious ploy just to get into your home.
Are there extra charges for pre-conditioning?
Read the fine print and see if they charge extra for pre-conditioning or for a deep scrub or even special dual process methods. They can get crafty in what they try to charge extra for. A carpet cleaning price should include everything that is needed to get your carpet clean. If they say that your carpet might need something for an extra charge, you can be sure that they will try to charge you for it.
Are the room sizes extremely limited?
Do they set a maximum room size that is too small. Many coupons will restrict a room to 100 square feet. There is almost no room in your house besides a bathroom that is that small. This means that most rooms will be counted as two, three or even four rooms.
Who will be doing the work?
Many companies send out coupons and then subcontract the work. These subcontractors are paid little by the original company and the only way they will make anything is if they upsell you.

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