Carpet cleaning company that just use hot water.

Is it possible to just use hot water to clean? Well, the answer is yes and no. If your carpet is not very soiled and there is residue on the floor from previous cleanings then yes, it might be possible to clean your home’s carpet using pure and plain water.
In most cases however, it is not possible to get a carpet truly clean with plain water. You need something to break down and absorb grease and sticky soil. Water by itself just will not do that, no matter how hot you get it. This does not mean that a carpet cleaner must use toxic or harsh chemicals to clean your carpet. There are many all natural and safe cleaning products on the market that can be used. Carpet cleaners also do not have to rinse with chemicals. They can rinse with plain water after applying their cleaning agent with a separate sprayer. If they do a good job of rinsing the carpet, the home owner gets the benefits of cleaning chemicals with the peace of mind of a simple hot water rinse.
So, in conclusion, home owners looking for a cleaner using just hot water should really be looking for a cleaner that uses natural cleaning products and rinses with just plain hot water.

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