Berber Carpet Patch

Berber PatchSometimes, it is necessary to patch a carpet. This could be because of a number of different reasons. It might have a burn, paint could have been spilled on it or it could have a permanent stain. When it comes time to patch your Berber carpet, you need to hire a professional. Berber, because of the continuous loop, is difficult to patch properly. Poor repairs will stick out like a sore thumb. So, when looking for a carpet cleaner to patch your Berber, make sure that you find one with many years of experience doing carpet repairs.
How is Berber patched?
The first thing that your carpet repair expert will do is analyze the spot. A professional will not attempt a repair unless they feel that the results will look better than the carpet does now. Sometimes, a carpet can not be successfully patched.
If the Berber carpet is able to be patched, the carpet repair technician will begin by cutting out the affected area. If it is small area, they will use a cookie cutter tool to remove a round patch. If it is a larger area, they will square it off with a utility knife.
Next, they will cut a replacement piece. In most cases, they will have to pull a piece from a hidden area such as a closet. Sometimes, the home owner will have an extra piece of carpet available though, which is even better. If you are not sure if you have any extra carpet, check the attic. You will often find some there.
Lastly, they will place the new piece of carpet on the spot and will use seaming tape and a seaming iron to bond it permanently to the carpet. This is the hardest part as it takes skill to align the carpet properly and form a lasting repair.
How much should a Berber patch cost?
This depends on the extent of the damage to your carpet. In general though, you should expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $90 for an average repair job.

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