Bane Clene System

Bane Clene SystemThe Bane Clene system is an electric truck mount. In the industry, there are many people who both recommend this system and many that do not approve of it. Here are some pros and cons of the Bane Clene System.
1. It uses electricity making it much cheaper to operate. The carpet cleaner will plug into the consumers electricity which means that the consumer pays much of the operation cost. Of course this is a pro for the carpet cleaner and not necessarily for the consumer.
2. It has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI meaning that there is less chance of over wetting. High pressure in the wrong hands can force water into the backing of the carpet.
3. There is no exhaust to contend with. With a gas powered truck mount, the user must consider where their exhaust is going and properly vent it.
1. Because it uses electricity, it can not be used to clean many vacant homes and move in type jobs where electricity is not present.
2. Lower pressure means lower agitation. 150 psi is very low in comparison to other carpet cleaning machines. This means that it is necessary to mechanically agitate the carpet for proper soil removal.
3. It has lower heat. The Bane Clene system operates at a maximum temperature of 180 degrees. Most gas powered truck mounts operate at over 200 degrees. Higher heat means that chemicals are more active and less of them can be used.
4. It has lower levels of vacuum. The electric motor powering the Bane Clene does not provide the same level of vacuum that a gas powered truck mount can. This prevents it from being operated at great distances.

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