American Carpet Cleaning

American carpet cleaners use a number of different carpet cleaning methods. The methods that they use range from very effective to practically useless. Here are just a few of the methods used by American carpet cleaners and a brief description of them.
Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning
With truck mounted steam cleaning, the operator will spray your carpet with a cleaning solution and then use a machine, mounted in their truck or van, to remove it. The cleaning machine will typically be powered by a 2, 3 or 4 cylinder engine that turns the vacuum blower and water pump. Heat for the water is pulled from the engine and blower exhaust. The benefit of this method is that it has higher heat, pressure and vacuum producing the best results.
Portable Steam Cleaning
This method is similar to truck mounted steam cleaning but instead of machine powered by a gas engine, it is powered by electricity. The result is a machine with less pressure, less vacuum and much less heat. Truck mounted steam cleaning is far superior to this method but if it is not available then this is the second best method to use.
Bonnet Cleaning
There are a number of different variations of this method. Most bonnet cleaners will use a floor buffer that spins a cotton or synthetic bonnet. Some companies will use a machine with random orbits and thinner cotton pads. The basic process is all the same though. A solution is sprayed on the carpet and then absorbed using the bonnets or pads. This process is okay for basic maintenance but is not a quality deep cleaning method.
Dry Powder Cleaning
In this method of carpet cleaning, a moist powder is sprinkled onto the carpet. The powder contains a mixture of detergent and solvent. Once applied to the carpet, it is agitated with a machine that uses nylon brushes. It is then left on the carpet to dry and once dry, it is vacuumed up. Just like bonnet cleaning, this method is sufficient for basic, light cleaning but is not a deep cleaning method.

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