Affordable Carpet Cleaning

We are all trying to stretch our budgets these days and one way that many people are doing so is by cutting carpet cleaning costs. Carpet cleaning can be expensive so many people will put it off or decide to do it themselves. This can be disastrous for many reasons. If you put carpet cleaning off too long, you run the risk of doing permanent damage to your carpet. This is because dirt is an abrasive and the longer it is left on your carpet, the more damage it will do. Those deciding to do it themselves are also making a potentially huge mistake. Rental units are infective and can do more damage than good. They result in carpets that become overly wet and remove little soil. So what are you supposed to do if you need an affordable carpet cleaning? Well, there are some things that you can do to cut the costs. Here are a few tips that you might find useful.
Tip 1. Schedule Your Cleaning For An Off Time
Carpet cleaning is a seasonal business. It is slower in the winter than any other season so you will often find better deals if you clean your carpet during the winter months. The best deals will be in January or February.
Tip2. Offer To Move Furniture
Carpet cleaners will be more willing to give you discounts if you save them work. Ask for a discount if you have all of the furniture in the home moved ahead of time or if you do not want furniture moved at all. Not moving furniture can cut job times down tremendously and many cleaners will pass the savings to you.
Tip3. Shop Around
Not all carpet cleaners charge the same. Shop around for the best deal. Be wary of bait and switch carpet cleaning scams though and be sure to compare apples to apples. Make sure that the cleaners that you are comparing are offering the same type of service.
Tip4. Go In With A Neighbor
Find a neighbor who needs carpet cleaning and find a carpet cleaner who will give you both a discount for cleaning your carpets at the same time. Driving time is a big time killer and if you and a neighbor clean your carpets at the same time, you will save the carpet cleaner time. Many will give you a discount for group bookings.
Tip5. Prioritize Your Rooms
If all else fails, just have your highest use rooms and traffic areas cleaned. This will at least keep your carpet from becoming permanently damaged. And who know, the carpet cleaner might do a little extra for you when they get there.

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