What Is The Average Carpet Cleaning Cost

This is a hard question to answer and one that unfortunately I have to answer with, it depends. While this is probably not the answer that you are looking for, it is the correct one. This is because there are many variables that come into play when a company chooses their cleaning price. Here are a few of these variables.


Not all cities are the same. The operating costs will be different depending on the city in which the company does business. For example, a carpet cleaner in Los Angeles will pay way more for rent, fuel and insurance than a company in Boise. This cost must be passed on to the consumer so the price for cleaning will be higher in certain cities.

Level Of Service

Almost every company out there does things a little different. One company might offer basic carpet cleaning while another also includes baseboard cleaning and protection in the price. The price for these two different companies will be very different.

Method Being Used

The equipment being used by a carpet cleaner must also be considered. The best cleaning method is truck mounted steam cleaning but it is also the most expensive to get into. A well equipped steam cleaning truck can cost from $40,o00 to $80,000. Compare that to the guy using a cheaper dry cleaning process costing only a few thousand and you see why some cleaners need to charge a bit more.

Who Is Doing The Cleaning

This is another factor. The best choice is to find an owner operated company where the owner does all of the work. They might often charge a bit more but you will know what you are getting. Often companies that use subcontractors charge a lower price but the subcontractor will relentlessly try to sell you upgrades to increase the price.

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