Steam Clean Couch

Does your couch or sofa not look as good as it used to? If so, you should consider finding a Hero Cleaner to clean it. Most upholstery can be steam cleaned with great success.

The upholstery steam cleaning process.

The first thing that your upholstery cleaning technician will do is determine the fabric content of your sofa or couch. They will in most cases unzip your cushion and cut a piece of excess material off of the inside of the couch cushion. They can then burn test the material and determine the fabric content and the proper cleaning method. In most cases steam cleaning will be fine.
Next your technician will remove all of the cushions and thoroughly vacuum the underside or decking of the couch. In some cases, they will also vacuum the upholstery itself to remove dry soil and/or pet hair.
After the vacuuming, they will apply an upholstery cleaning soap or detergent to the couch and agitate it. This will break up and suspend the soil that has attached itself to your couch.
The final step is to steam clean your couch with a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine and an upholstery cleaning attachment. They will thoroughly remove all of the soap and/or detergent along with the soil in the sofa.

After your couch cleaning.

After you have your couch or sofa cleaned, you will need to allow it to dry thoroughly before putting it back to use. Good ventilation in the room is important but do not place a fan directly on the piece as this could cause watermarking. Instead, have fans blow around the furniture to increase airflow.

What couches can not be steam cleaned?

Some upholstery can not be cleaned with the steam cleaning process. This is why your cleaning technician analyzes the fabric content before cleaning. In general, materials like silk and certain kinds of cotton can not be steam cleaned but there are others.

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