Power Carpet Cleaning

In most cases, people wait entirely too long to clean their carpet. In these cases, the carpet cleaner is not faced with a normal carpet cleaning but a carpet restoration. If your carpet is in need of restoration as well, you need to look for a powerful carpet cleaning process. But what makes a power carpet cleaning? Here is what you need to look for.

Power Equipment

This means one thing and one thing only, a truck mounted carpet cleaning system. Truck mounted equipment is powered by a small gas engine or even the van engine itself. This equipment is capable of pressure of over 1000 pounds per square inch and very high heat  and vacuum levels. If you need to restore your carpet, there is nothing better than a truck mounted steam cleaning system.

Power Chemicals

Your carpet cleaner needs to have the right chemicals to get the job done right. This does not necessarily mean that they must use hazardous chemicals, but they should have proven chemicals. There are many natural and safe chemicals that fit the bill. It takes experience from a capable cleaner to be able to choose the right ones.

Power Experience

There is no replacing experience in the carpet cleaning industry. The only way to assure yourself an experienced carpet cleaner is to choose an owner operator. The carpet cleaning industry is a high turnover one so if you choose a large franchise company, the odds of getting an experienced cleaner are slim. Owner operators however generally have 10 plus years of experience from which to pull from.

Power Dedication

Nobody will care for your carpet like an owner operator. This is what you need when you need to have your carpet restored. That employee of the big company will make one, maybe two passes over your carpet and that’s it. The owner operator will keep at it to get your homes carpet as clean as possible, no matter how long it takes. Pride in workmanship is really only seen with owner operators.

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