One Hour Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet dry in one hour or less, is it even possible? The answer to this is yes, and you do not need to use inferior dry cleaning methods to get it.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The only real benefit of dry carpet cleaning has been the fact that it dries very quickly. In gained popularity because people were tired of bad carpet cleaners soaking their carpets. The reason it dries so quickly is also the reason that it is not very effective, it uses very little moisture. You need a flushing action to rid your carpet of as much soil and contaminants as possible. Nevertheless, people are often willing to give up on a truly deep cleaning for the benefit of carpet that dries in a hurry.

Steam Cleaning Can Be Dry In Under An Hour

That’s right, you no longer have to settle for an inferior cleaning to get your carpet dry in under an hour. Technologies have evolved and many cleaners are now offering quick dry carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. So how are they doing this? There are several ways that they can get carpets dry in a hurry.
High Powered Cleaning Machines
Today’s truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are able to generate extremely high levels of vacuum and very high heat. This dramatically reduces the drying time.
Specialized Cleaning Tools
Some cleaners also use specialized cleaning tools that are designed to extract much more of the moisture. These tools are often jetless spraying a sheet of water across the surface instead of down into it. This allows more complete moisture removal and a much quicker drying time.
Carpet Fans
By using carpet fans, a carpet cleaner can shave hours off the drying time of a carpet. Placed on the carpet after cleaning, they jump start the drying process.
Ask your carpet cleaner if they offer quick dry carpet cleaning services. Not all do, but more and more are investing in the tools to get carpets dry in a hurry. So, you no longer have to settle for an inferior cleaning just to get your carpets dry fast.

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