No Rez Carpet Cleaning

One of the hottest trends in carpet cleaning these days in no residue or no rez carpet cleaning. People are tired of carpets that rapidly resoil because of soap and detergent residue. Carpet cleaners no longer need to use old fashioned soapy cleaners. Technology has evolved both in the chemicals being used and the equipment used to clean with. So why should you consider using a no rez carpet cleaner?

No rez cleaning stays clean longer.

Carpet cleaned with a no residue cleaner will stay clean much longer. Soap and detergents attract soil. This means that if they are left in your carpet, your carpet will attract dust and dirt like a magnet. Historically, this has been the biggest complaint about carpet cleaning. People have said that once a carpet is cleaned it will get dirty quicker. This is because in the past every cleaner used cleaners full of sticky soaps and detergent. With a no rez cleaning process, this is not the case.

No rez carpet cleaning is safer.

Because your carpet is not being left full of residues, it is safer. This is especially important if you have children and pets. Kids are constantly dropping food and toys and putting them back into their mouths. Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew that there was no residue on the carpet transferring to their toys?

No rez cleaning makes carpets last longer.

Because there is no soil attracting residue, your carpets will last longer. Dirt is an abrasive and will wear down your carpet quickly if left on it. Since your carpet stays clean longer, it is not worn down as quickly. No residue cleaning can in many cases double the life of your carpet.

No rez carpet cleaning can save you money.

Because carpets stay clean longer, you do not have to have it cleaned as often. If you can go twice as long between cleanings, you cut your cleaning costs in half.

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