Natural Organic Carpet Cleaners

These days, people are looking more and more for natural alternatives in cleaning. The use of harsh chemicals is no longer accepted because people are more concerned about the health of themselves and their families. Natural organic carpet cleaning has thus become much more popular. But what should you look for in a natural carpet cleaner? Here are some things to consider.

What Chemicals Are They Putting In Your Carpet

Ideally, natural carpet cleaners should not be using anything that is not safe enough to eat. That is the whole purpose of choosing an organic cleaner after all. The carpet cleaner should not use anything that contains solvents or petroleum based cleaners.When in doubt, ask your carpet cleaner for the MSDS sheet on the products that they will be using. The Material Safety Data Sheet will list the chemicals in the cleaners.

What Equipment Are They Using

Many companies advertise that they are environmentally friendly because they do not use steam cleaning systems that are powered by a gas engine. This might mean that they use less petroleum but it does not make your home or carpet any safer. Truck mounted steam cleaning systems might use a little more gas but they will get more contaminants out of your home which is the goal. Besides, companies using truck mounted systems can offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits.

Are They Really Saving Water

Another ploy by alleged organic natural carpet cleaners is saying that they use less water and are thus are more environmentally friendly. The truth is that they are probably actually using more water. They might only use a few gallons of water at your home but they have to launder their cleaning pads at their shop. The result is that they are probably actually using the same amount if not more water. So, they might be using more water and not getting your carpet as clean.

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