How Much For Upholstery Cleaning

How much money for upholstery cleaningUpholstery cleaning pricing can be a bit of a mystery to consumers. Many think that it shouldn’t cost much more than the price of a room of carpet cleaning because it is so small in comparison. The problem with this is that there is much more to consider when cleaning a piece of upholstered furniture like a wing-back chair, recliner or a sofa. Here are a few reasons why upholstery cleaning is more expensive than carpet cleaning.


Upholstery is made of many different materials unlike carpet. Most carpet out there is Nylon or Olefin or Polyester which is basically cleaned the same way. Upholstery can be cotton, silk, rayon, wool, etc, etc. Each material is cleaned differently. Because of this, it takes extra time and expertise to diagnose which cleaning method will work best. This takes time.

Tools Being Used

Upholstery cleaning requires special tools and equipment. These tools are different than the large cleaning wands used for carpet cleaning. This means that the cleaning takes much longer to do. An average couch would take about an hour to clean while the average room of carpet takes 15 minutes. So it takes four times as long to clean it which means that you should expect to pay about four times the cost of cleaning an average room of carpet for a sofa.


As I briefly mentioned earlier, upholstery cleaning takes special training. Your cleaning technician must take classes and practice to become an expert at upholstery cleaning. The time and money that it takes to become an upholstery cleaning expert must be passed on to the consumer.

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