Carpet Steam Cleaning Company

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner you have probably seen companies advertising many different cleaning methods. All of them say that their method is the best but how do you know which one really is the best? Well, we are here to tell you that it is steam cleaning or hot water extraction and here is why.

Carpet Cleaning Mills Recommend It

Steam cleaning is the only method that is recommended by virtually ever carpet mill. They know carpet and thus know how to clean it effectively. Some mills even require an annual steam cleaning to maintain a warranty.

It Is The Most Thorough Method

Steam carpet cleaning is the only method that has a true rinsing step. The best comparison is that it is like washing your car. Other cleaning methods are like taking a sponge and wiping your cars surface. Sure it looks a little better but there is a better way to clean it. Wouldn’t it look better if you washed it with soap and then rinsed it off?

It Is The Method With The Highest Start Up Costs

A carpet cleaner can buy a dry carpet cleaning method for just a few thousand dollars and transport it to your home in an economy car or truck. Their costs are much lower. A truck mounted steam cleaning system on the other hand costs on average about $20,000 and requires a one ton van to transport. A steam cleaners costs are much higher. Why do you think they invest in this equipment? Because they care about quality and it works.

It Is The Safest Method

With steam cleaning, no dangerous solvents are left in your carpet. Cleaners used to break up soil are thoroughly rinsed from your carpet. Many dry cleaning methods use solvents, heavy detergents and even powder which can not be completely removed from your carpet.

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