Apartment Carpet Cleaning

Just because you live in an apartment does not mean that you do not want a good carpet cleaning. Whether you own your own condo or rent an apartment you still deserve to have a good cleaning. Apartment cleaning can be a little harder than residential cleaning though because of the layout of condos. This is especially true with truck mounted steam cleaning because the operators need to be able to park near the unit. Here are some things that you can do to make your carpet cleaners life a little easier and assure yourself a good cleaning.

Locate Outside Water

Your carpet cleaning company will need a source of outside water. Spend a little time and locate an outside spigot. If you can not locate one, ask your apartment maintenance staff where it is. If there is no accessible outside water you might be able to use a cold water line from your washing machine, if you have washer dryer connections. If this is not possible, you should look for a company that carries on board water.

Secure Parking For Your Carpet Cleaner

The carpet cleaner will need to park as close as possible to the unit. Secure a good parking spot close to your apartment by parking your car there. Tell the carpet cleaner that you will save them a parking space so that they do not have to search for one. Try to find a spot where they will have ample height clearance and where they will have full access to their side and back van doors.

Provide Directions For Your Carpet Cleaner

Apartments can be difficult to locate. Give your carpet cleaning company the name of your community and give them directions to your individual unit. The less frustrated your carpet cleaner is, the better job they will do.

What If A Carpet Cleaner Can Not Park Near Your Unit

Truck mounted steam cleaning might not be possible in every apartment situation. If this is the case with your unit, you will have to use the second best cleaning method which is portable hot water extraction. Make sure that you have a bathtub available for them to fill the unit with water. Also allow more time for the job to be completed and allow more time for drying.

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