Traits of a Good Carpet Cleaner

As a carpet cleaning industry insider I do not have a problem identifying a good carpet cleaner. There are several things that you can look at to determine the quality of a cleaning service almost right away. I do not, however, envy the carpet cleaning consumer. Not being in the industry it can be extremely difficult to find a good carpet cleaner. This is why so many people get taken advantage of by unscrupulous cleaning companies. This is one of the reasons that Hero Cleaners was started. It is a way for consumers to find a qualified carpet cleaner in just about any city. If there is no Hero Cleaner in your city however, I would like to help you to identify a good one. Here are the traits or characteristics of a good carpet cleaner.

  • They use truck mounted steam cleaning.
    Truck mounted steam cleaning systems are the most expensive cleaning systems on the market. A carpet cleaner could purchase a dry cleaning machine or a portable wet cleaning machine for a fraction of the cost of a truck mounted machine. So why do companies use truck mounted units. They do so because they do a better job cleaning and that they care about the results that they can achieve. So one good sign of a quality carpet cleaner is that they use a truck mounted cleaning machine.
  • They have up front pricing.
    Cleaners who are reluctant to give you a price over the phone or don’t tell you exactly what is included in the price are not to be trusted. A quality carpet cleaning service should include everything that is necessary for a basic cleaning in the price and should be up front with you about the price. The cleaning price should include vacuuming, application of a pre-spray or preconditioning agent, extraction and basic spot cleaning. It is okay for the cleaner in question to charge extra for things like protection or specialty spotting (red dye, ink, pet stains, etc.) but everything needed for the average cleaning job should be in the price. A common ploy of bad carpet cleaners is to charge a low price for cleaning a room of carpet and then a high price for the “extra preconditioning” that is required. Be wary of these scams.
  • They offer a guarantee.
    A good carpet cleaning service will offer a full guarantee of their work. This will usually be a guarantee to return and redo the work for a set amount of days or even a money back guarantee. Quality cleaning services are proud of their work and have been working hard to build a reputation. They want to maintain this reputation and will do what it takes to make you happy. Poor quality companies can care less about their reputation. This is often because they change names every year anyway to avoid bad reviews.
  • They have good phone manners.
    This is another good sign of a qualified carpet cleaning service. Owner operated companies might not always be able to answer the phone right away but they will surely get back to you as soon as possible. When you talk to a carpet cleaner you can tell pretty quickly if they are willing to take the time to make you comfortable with their company or if they are after a quick sale. A good company will have someone knowledgeable answering the phone who can answer all of your questions. You can tell a bad company apart from the good ones pretty quickly. They will often be short on the phone and try to just tell you things that they think you want to hear. Also listen for how they first answer the phone. If they just answer “carpet cleaning” without their company name, hang up. This is probably a company that changes their name often.
  • They do not use shady advertising methods.
    Quality companies do not need to use shady advertising methods like cold calling or telemarketing. If they are a good company who has been around for some time, they know how to advertise ethically and they generate enough business through that and through word of mouth. Bad carpet cleaning services need to generate a lot of business because they do not have referral and repeat business.
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