Remove Wax From Carpet

Nothing seems to set the mood like candles. It can give you a relaxing atmosphere, set a romantic mood or simply freshen up the air with a pleasant scent. But what happens when that candle tips over or is allowed to run over onto the floor. Then you have a problem. You might think it is a huge problem, but actually it is one of the easier things to remove from a carpet. Removing wax from carpet is a simple process that will only take a few minutes to do.

What you will need to remove wax from your carpet.

  • A steam iron.
    It might be best to use a cheap one instead of a fancy $100 iron. Get one at Wal-Mart for $10.
  • White cotton terry cloth towels.
    You can find these at home improvement stores for less than $10 a dozen. They come in handy for house cleaning as well as wax removal.
  • A dull instrument.
    A spoon works well for this. You want something that is dull and not sharp so that it does not damage your carpet.

How to remove wax from carpet.

  • Step One
    The first step in the removal process is to scrape up as much of the wax as you can with your dull instrument. Be careful not to damage your carpet by scraping too deeply, but try to get up as much as possible.
  • Step Two
    Fill your steam iron with water and plug it in near the spot. Turn it on and set it to the lowest steam setting. Find a safe place to rest it where it can not accidentally fall over and burn the carpet.
  • Step Three
    Take a few terry cloth towels and soak them with water. Wring them out so that they are just damp. The water in the towel will keep it from burning and will help to protect the carpet. It will also help conduct heat to the spot.
  • Step Four
    Place your moistened towel onto the spot. It will be used to protect your carpet and will absorb the wax as we melt it.
  • Step Five
    Place the heated iron on top of the towel. Move the iron every few seconds to avoid burning the carpet. You will notice that the wax will begin to wick up into the towel. As the towels become saturated with wax, replace them with fresh moistened towels until no more wax transfers.
  • Step Six
    Once no more wax transfers to your towel, you are done. Allow the carpet to dry completely before you put it back to use.

Possible Wax Removal Problems

  • If the candle is colored, you might be left with a dye stain. You will need to use a dye remover or call a carpet cleaner to remove the dye spot.
  • Be careful not to let the iron linger on a spot too long, keep the heat down and keep the towels wet at all times. Failure to do so could cause permanent carpet damage to the carpet.
  • Do not use this procedure to remove wax from upholstery or expensive rugs. Instead, contact a trained cleaning professional for advice.
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