Pet Urine Removal From Carpet

There are millions of dogs and cats in homes throughout the United States. Millions of dogs and cats who occasionally make some messes on the carpet. Whether you are potty training a new pet or just cleaning up that occasional oops, you need help to take care of the problem. Don’t worry, pet stains are rather easy to remove, if you get to them quickly. Let’s get started.

Materials  needed to clean up pet urine.

The first thing that you need to do is collect the necessary materials to get the job done. You will need a small hand trigger sprayer, some dye free white paper towels, white distilled vinegar and something to weight the paper towels down. A heavy plate or pot works well as a towel weight, because you want something resistant to moisture that will not bleed color.

How to clean pet urine.

Now that you have the materials, we can begin. Take your paper towels and blot up as much of the urine as you can if it is still wet. Now, take your spray bottle and fill it 1/3 of the way with white distilled vinegar. Fill it the rest of the way with water and attach the sprayer to it. Give it a few good shakes to mix up the solution. Now, spray the urine spot with the solution and allow it to dwell for a few seconds. Use your paper towels to blot up the solution, using care to blot and not rub. Rubbing can cause damage to the carpet fibers.
After you have blotted up the solution, take your spray bottle and spray the spot again. Now take a stack of paper towels and place it on the spot. Place your pot, plate or similar heavy weight on top of the towels and leave it in place. Over the next few hours, the stain will wick up into the towels. Check the towels in a bit and replace them with new ones if they become completely saturated. After a few hours, go back and check the spot. If it is still there, you can repeat this process.

What caused your pet to urinate on the carpet?

Now that you have cleaned up the spot, you should consider what caused the urine stain. Chances are that you were potty training and some pet urine stains were to be expected. If, however, this is an unusual occurrence because your pet is trained, you should look further into possible causes for them to suddenly start using the carpet.
One possibility is that your pet has a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection will make your pet feel like they have to urinate all of the time and they will not be able to control themselves. Peeing on the carpet is one sign of this and so is urine with a stronger than normal odor or a brighter than normal color. If you suspect that your pet might have a urinary tract infection, you need to take them to a veterinarian.
Another possibility that could make your pet start to use the carpet as a restroom is a sudden change in the house. The addition of a new family member or another pet could cause your dog or cat to act out by peeing on the rugs. If a new addition is causing your pet to urinate on the carpet, you should attempt to pay ample attention to your pet. They are used to being in your life and need attention and affection.

Training your pet to not urinate on the carpet.

If you are simply potty training your dog, and having a rough time of it, you might be interested in some pet training techniques. The most effective training technique that I have found is clicker training. You can find a clicker at just about any pet store. It is simply a plastic clicker that you press to make a clicking sound. The theory behind the clicker is that it is a constant type of noise that they can recognize as praise. When you say”good dog” your tone is different every time so your dog might not always recognize it. The clicker always sounds the same.
To begin clicker training, you will first associate the clicker with something good. Click the button and then give your dog a treat. Repeat this several times. Now take them outside and every time they potty outside, click the clicker and give them a treat. Soon, they will realize that if they pee outside, they will get a treat and praised with a click.
To train cats to urinate in their box, the easiest solution is to make the box more readily available. Buy extra litter boxes and place one in each room. Make it easy for them to find a place to use the bathroom. As your cat becomes accustomed to using the box, you can begin taking them away until there are only one or two boxes. Keep the litter box clean so that they are more likely to use it.

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