Clean Carpet With Vinegar And Water

Vinegar Cleaning CarpetOne of the best spot cleaners that any home owner can use is one that you can make yourself. A simple solution of vinegar and water can clean a variety of different stains on your carpet.

Making Your Vinegar Cleaner

To make your vinegar solution, get a bottle of white distilled vinegar and a small 32 ounce spray bottle. Do not recycle a spray bottle from something else, get a new spray bottle so there is no other chemical in it. Mix a one part vinegar to three parts water solution in the bottle. Fill the bottle a quarter of the way with the vinegar and then fill it the rest of the way with water. Put the lid on the sprayer and give it a few shakes to mix it. Label the bottle with a permanent marker.

What Can You Clean With Your Vinegar Solution

Like I said earlier, there are a variety of stains that you can treat with your vinegar solution.
Pet Urine
To clean pet urine stains, you will first blot up as much of the stain as you can with a dry, dye free paper towel. Then mist the spot with the vinegar solution and let it dwell for a few seconds. Blot the spot again with your paper towels. Repeat if necessary.
Coffee Stains
To clean your coffee stain, mist the spot with your vinegar solution. Blot up the solution being careful not to rub the fiber as this could damage it. Blot the carpet only. Repeat if necessary.
Plant Stains
Plants that are over watered can leave water marks on the carpet. The vinegar solution will help remove water marks. Mist the spot with your vinegar cleaner and allow it to dwell for a few moments before blotting it up. Note: Plant fertilizers can often physically burn the carpet leaving a permanently damaged spot.
Spotter Residue
Over the counter, soap based, spot cleaners can leave a residue on the carpet that will attract soil. Your vinegar solution will help to remove this residue and prevent re-soiling of the spot. Mist the spot with your vinegar solution and allow it to dwell a few seconds before blotting up. Repeat this process at least two times being careful not to over wet the carpet.
Other Stains
There are many other things that you can use vinegar to clean such as tea, water marks, or just about anything that has left a brownish stain. It is a great cleaner because it is cheap, natural, won’t set stains and is a natural disinfectant. Like any cleaner though, you should be sure not to over wet your carpet and do not rub your carpet. Always blot only to prevent damage.

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