Carpet Padding

Carpet PadCarpet padding. You probably do not give much though to the padding that is underneath your carpet, but it pays a vital role in your enjoyment and the longevity of your homes carpet.
The most important function of carpet padding is to protect the carpet. I know, you probably think that carpet pad is there to make it feel better, but this is just a side effect. Carpet padding is there to absorb the shock that otherwise would have been placed on the carpet. Every time you take a step on your carpet you are applying force to it. If the pad was not there, it would be transmitted directly to the carpet and the carpet would not last very long at all.
So now, it would seem that the best thing to do is buy the thickest padding that you can. Well, this is not true either. If you choose a padding that is too thick, the carpet will have trouble staying attached to the tack strip at the edges. The carpet will have to slope down drastically at the edge and will separate from the strip holding it in place quite easily. The solution is to choose a pad that is not too thin and not too thick. In most cases, a pad with a thickness of 3/8 or 7/16 is the best.

Types Of Carpet Pad

There are many different types of carpet pad available as you probably know if you have purchased carpet recently. The salesman love to upgrade customers on the padding. It is an easy way to increase their profit. Lets take a look at the different kinds of padding.
Rebond is by far the most common and most popular choice in carpet padding. This is mostly due to the fact that it is the most affordable. It is made of recovered pieces of foam from the manufacturing of other products like automobile seat cushions and furniture cushions. The reclaimed foam is bonded together with an adhesive, forming the new carpet padding.
Urethane Foam
This is the same stuff that has been put together to form rebond. It is often sold in low densities though, so consumers chould make sure that they purchase an appropriate density of padding. If it is too soft, it can not perform the task of protecting your carpet because it will bottom out when you step on it.
Waffle Pad
Waffle padding is a rubber padding with a waffle appearance. the measurement of the height of this pad includes the air gaps that will be present in it. It is a overall a very good pad although in the past, it has been known to break down prematurely.
Flat Rubber Pad
This is the best, but most expensive pad on the market today. it is out of the price range of most consumers, but it can make your high end carpet last years longer than other types of padding. If you are installing a very high end carpet, consider this padding to protect your investment.

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