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This is a question that we get often at Hero Cleaners. The answer is a resounding, “it depends”. It depends on a number of different conditions. For example, do you have pets, do you smoke, do you have children, where do you live, etc, etc. There are just too many different conditions to be able to give just one answer. That being said, here is a chart which should give you a general guideline to how often you need to have your carpet cleaned.


Conditions Clean Every
2 People (non-smokers) 6 to 12 months
2 people (smokers) 4 months
Children or Pets in Home 6 months
Children and Pets in Home 3 to 6 months


Conditions Clean Every
Restaurants 1 month
Day Cares 2 weeks
Nursing Homes 1 month
Retail Establishments 3 to 6 months

Of course, your results might vary but this chart should get you started. Ask your carpet cleaner for a more affirmative answer. After seeing the soiling conditions in your home, they should be able to give you an accurate answer.

Low residue carpet cleaning

Today, many cleaners are using low residue carpet cleaning methods. This involves the use of soap and detergent free cleaning solutions. Through the use of these types of cleaning solutions customers can almost double the time between cleanings. So, if you are wondering how often to clean your carpet and use a low residue cleaner, you can double the time periods listed on the chart above.