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In the summer, your car is constantly being bombarded with road tar. The hot sun bears down making it soft and it is easily kicked up by other cars and your own tires. The result is a mess on your car body. The tar does not easily come off with common car wash soap. The best it can do is smear it. This is why a good tar remover should be a part of every auto detailers tool kit.

Top Three Road Tar Solutions

Ink stains can be a devil to clean. If you do not know what you are doing, you can easily make a dime sized spot a plate sized spot. If you are facing an ink spot from a ball point pen or even a sharpie marker, here is what you need to do.

  1. Do not panic. The last thing that you want to do is run to the sink and grab anything that you can to apply to the spot. Take a breath, calm down and move on to the next step.
  2. Get a professional strength cleaner. You need a pro spotter specialized to remove ink. A general spot cleaner will just make a mess of things. This might mean that you have to place a towel over the spot and wait to clean it until your ink remover arrives. Purchase a product like InkBGone.

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  3. When your product arrives, get a clean white cotton towel and apply the spotter to the towel.
  4. Dab the spot, working from the outside towards the inside.
  5. Go slow and be patient. If it is a large spot, you might be at it for some time. Avoid the temptation to rub the spot. Only dab it and do not use too much cleaner at once.
  6. Once no more ink transfers, you are done. Let the spot dry before putting it back to work.

This method will work for most colors of ink including blue and black and many sharpies.

Front loading washers are great machines. They clean clothes very well, use minimal water and let’s face it, they look cool. They are not machines without maintenance however. They require regular cleaning. Regular cleaning will keep them working well, looking good and most importantly, smelling good. Without a regular cleaning these machines can start to put out quite an odor. Here is how you can clean your front load washer easily.

Washer Cleaning Steps

  1. Purchase a bottle of washing machine cleaner. Glisten Washer Magic is a good choice.
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  2. Apply your washing machine cleaner to a rag and wipe the inner seal of the washing machine to remove any residue.
  3. Add the specified amount of solution to the detergent container of your washer. In the case of Washer Magic, add 1/2 cup.
  4. Run your washing machine on its normal wash cycle using hot water.
  5. Repeat this process once a month or whenever an odor develops.


  • If your washer is heavily soiled meaning that you have not cleaned it in some time, repeat applications may be needed.
  • If you have a persistent smell, check the seal. Gunk tends to get caught here.
  • To minimize mildew odor, leave your front loading washer door open between uses.
  • Remove clothes quickly from your washing machine to prevent moldy odors.
  • Clean your drain pump filter regularly. Did you know you had one? It is typically located on one of the lower front corners of the machine.

what cleans headlight coversIf you are asking about cleaning headlight covers, you probably have either a white or yellow cloudy finish on the outside of your headlight covers. To clean this off, you first need to realize what this is. It is oxidation of the plastic coupled with scratches from every day use. To clean it, you nee to polish it. Doing so is an easy enough task if you have the right tools. Lucky for you, the items you need are cheap. Here is what you need.


  • Meguiar’s Headlight and Clear Plastic Restoration Kit
    Available for cheap on Amazon, this kit comes with enough cleaner to clean several headlights. It includes the cleaner, a buffing pad and a stubborn spot repair kit.
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  • Hand Drill
    A standard electric or battery powered drill.
  • Clean Cotton Towels
    Terry cloth 100% cotton shop towels work great.


The whole process could not be any easier.

  1. Wash the headlights to remove any loose soil. Might as just wash your whole car so that it all looks shiny and good when you are done.
  2. Attach the buffing pad to your drill.
  3. Apply a nickel sized amount of cleaner on the pad and place the pad on the headlight.
  4. Turn the drill on and slowly work it up to speed and begin polishing your headlight.
  5. Wipe the clean off the headlight and marvel at the results.

All done, the oxidation and scratch are gone and your car will look years younger.

Microfiber cleaning cloths or towels have a lot of uses around the house or in your shop. They can make cleaning easy for several reasons. For starters, they can last longer than cotton towels because they do not shed. In addition, they are much cheaper overall than paper towels. The initial expense is more but they can be used over and over again. The last reason to choose a microfiber cleaning cloth is that it leaves no lint behind. Particularly important on shiny surfaces like granite counters or windows, the lack of lint will make your final results much better.

Why Microfiber?

A Cheap Microfiber Cleaning ClothThe benefit of microfiber is that it cleans more efficiently. Here is how it works. First, consider a cotton cleaning cloth. It has a certain number of fibers that go to work scrubbing a surface when you use it to wipe something clean. Now, a microfiber rag has much smaller individual fibers. This means that there are far more fibers in a given area giving it more cleaning and absorbing power. In a nutshell, that is why they are superior to cotton cleaning towels.

Green Cleaning With Microfiber

Is cleaning with a microfiber towel or cloth green? You bet it is and for more reasons than you may think. The obvious reason is that you will be saving paper by not using a countless number of paper towels. The lifespan of microfiber is long and you will save many a tree by switching to them. The not so easy reason to see is that they allow you to use less chemicals. You can go lighter or even not use many detergents because the cloths pick up soil very well on their own. Imagine not having to use furniture polish to remove dust from your woodwork. Imagine cleaning a countertop without your favorite all purpose cleaning spray.

Origin Of Microfiber

Microfiber dates back to the 1950’s but it really did not take off until the 1990’s. If you think about it, that is probably about the time you started noticing microfiber furniture hitting the market. It is made from ultra fine particles and become popular in furniture because it was soft, durable and cleaned well. These same benefits make it an excellent cleaning cloth or towel. It is durable, soft so it will not scratch and because it does not shed, it cleans without leaving unwanted particles behind.

Content of Microfiber

The vast majority of Microfiber will be polyester but it is not uncommon to find some nylon blends. The material content and construction of the cloth makes it clean better in many applications. It has been tested to remove more bacteria from a surface, compared to cotton clothes and it has an electrostatic property which allows it to attract and hold dust better than natural fibers.

Cheap Microfiber Cloths

Now, how can you save money on these wonderful cleaning products. The key, like anything is to mail order them and buy them in bulk at places like Amazon. Click here to check prices. Buy at least a couple dozen at a time, you will use them, that is not too many. Also purchase them from an online retailer such as Amazon. You will get free shipping typically and they almost always beat the price of the big box store.

carpet cleaningIs it possible to find carpet cleaning for just $20? Some companies will tell you know but some boldly advertise this price. Who is right? Are the companies advertising such a low price just trying to rip you off? Well, the answer is, it depends. Honestly, some of the companies offering cleaning for $20 or less are trying to rip you off, others truly offer cleaning for that price. The trick is finding out which kind of company that you are dealing with. This article will give you some tips on companies to avoid and companies to hire.

We are assuming that you have set your budget at $20 a room and are only looking at companies in that price range to hire. I will begin by listing the companies that you should consider. Why not start out positive right?

Carpet cleaning companies you should consider hiring.

  • They state that everything needed for a basic cleaning is included in their price. This will essentially be just pre-spray, basic spot cleaning and extraction. At this price point, you should not be looking at receiving things like vacuuming, furniture moving, carpet protector, etc. A legitimate company is charging this low of a price because they have stripped the service to just the basics. This allows you to get a good clean by doing some of the prep work yourself.
  • They have a reasonable rooms size limit.
    This should be somewhere around 200 square feet per room. Any rooms larger than that may incur an additional charge or may be charged as two rooms. This size limit means that most rooms in your home will count as only one.
  • They have a guarantee.
    Just because you are looking for a low price cleaning does not mean that you should be throwing your money away. You should expect to be satisfied with the results.
  • They look professional.
    The company should have a professional website and image. Check out Reliant Carpet Cleaning for an example. This Dallas carpet cleaning company has low rates but still provides quality services.

Carpet cleaning companies you should avoid.

  • They do not include everything in the basic price.
    This is known as bait and switch. Some companies will come into your home and try to charge you extra for every little thing. If the fine print on their coupon says some conditions apply or something similar, avoid them. They should state what is included right away.
  • They have small room sizes.
    Most people have no idea how big their room size is and some companies take advantage of this by having low room size limits. You might think that 100 square feet is a lot and an appropriate limit but the only room that is less than that size in your house is probably your master closet. Room sizes should be 200 square feet or larger.
  • They do not mention a guarantee.
    All companies should have a guarantee, no matter the price point.

Finding a discount carpet cleaner is never an easy thing because many of the companies offering low prices are only trying to cheat you. So, look at the things above and then research the company thoroughly online before you even think of scheduling your carpet cleaning service.

dog-urineIf your dog or cat has left their scent all over your home, it can change the way you use it. It makes you self conscious about how your home presents itself and makes you not want to invite friends and family over. There are some things that you can do to temporarily hide the odor and allow you to entertain. Here are our five top tips.

  1. Spray the spot with vinegar and water.
    If you know where the offending odor is, mix up a solution of one part white distilled vinegar and two parts water. Mist it on the spot. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and will help neutralize the odor.
  2. Use a cinnamon plug in, candle or oil burner.
    Cinnamon seems to mask the odor the best. The scents like apple or cherry only blend in with the odor producing a scent like apple/urine or cherry/pee pee.
  3. Cut the humidity.
    The salts in urine attract humidity. This is why pet stains smell worse on a humid and rainy day. Use your HVAC system and a dehumidifier, if you have one, to cut the humidity in your home and minimize the odor.
  4. Introduce Fresh Air
    If it is a nice day or night, open every window you can in your home. Focus on windows on opposite ends of the home to create a cross breeze.
  5. Thoroughly Inspect Your Home For Odor
    Look around and make sure that you do not have any easy odor causing materials to remove. Look for pet stains on towels on the floor, pet bedding, cushions, corners of furniture, etc. Remove any odor causing materials that you can before your guests arrive.

septic tank cleaningNearly a third of people living in the United States have a septic system outside of their home. Septic systems are fairly simple systems that are designed to remove waste water from the home. The homes waste enters the septic systems main inlet pipe where it flows into the septic tank. In the tank, the larger particles called sludge, settle to the bottom. The lighter particles, called septage, float to the top of the tank. When everything is working properly, the septage is released into the drain field where it is degraded. It is a simple system, but it is one that does requires cleaning every 1 to 2 years. Cleaning your septic system will remove the sludge that has settled to the bottom of the tank. Without frequent cleaning, this sludge could overflow into the drain field, clogging it.

Septic Tank Cleaning Services

This is where the professional septic tank cleaning company comes in. They will bring a pumper truck to your home and pump out the contents of your septic tank. They typically will pump out the sludge, effluent(liquid between the sludge and septage) and the septage from the tank. This will leave your tank empty and good to go for another year or two. The frequency of cleaning depends on the number of occupants in the home. Larger families may require annual cleaning while smaller families can stretch out tank cleaning/pumping. After cleaning, the company will then take the material pumped out of your tank to an approved disposal site.

How Much Does Septic Tank Cleaning Cost

This will depend on the complexity of the system and the size of the system. At the time of the writing of this article, the average price for cleaning was about $300.

How Can You Cut Down On The Cost

Treat your system regularly with a septic tank treatment such as Green Pig, available on Amazon. It can help you keep your system flowing and save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Squish! There is nothing worse than walking into your home, stepping on your carpet and hearing that sound. It means that flood water clean upsomething has gone terribly wrong with your plumbing. It could be an over flowing toilet, a busted pipe or even a slab leak. It could even be something as simple as a backed up air conditioner drain (you would be surprised how much water they can put out). Whatever the case, you have a mess on your hands and you need to get it cleaned up. Here is what you need to do.

1. Control The Leak

This is job one right now, to minimize the damage caused by the flood. If it has been caused by a broken pipe or over flowing toilet, you need to shut off the water. If the malfunctioning pipe has its own cutoff, you can cut off the water at the source of the leak and keep the rest of the water in your home flowing. If there is no cutoff or if the shutoff valve on the pipe or appliance is not functioning (very common), you will need to shut off the main water supply to the home. This will be located on the outside perimeter of your home in an underground box or at the water meter.

2. Contact A Flood Clean Up Company

The sooner that you get someone to your home, the better. This is because the longer that water sits on your carpet, wood floors, etc, the more damage it will do. Do a quick search for “flood clean up [your town]” or “water clean up [your town] and you should come up with many options. Make sure that the company that you hire is certified in water damage restoration by the IICRC or a similar organization. If you are not sure who to call, you should contact you insurance company for a referral.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you have a flood clean up crew on the way, you should get the ball rolling with your insurance company. Most will send an adjuster to your home fairly quickly. They do this in an effort to save themselves money by making sure that everything is being handled properly.

4. Have The Source Of The Leak Repaired

Your last step is to have the source of the leak repaired. In most cases, you will be calling a plumber to repair a faulty pipe, water heater, etc. You could be dealing with other contractors as well though if the leak was from an air conditioner or other appliance.

iron-cleanHas your home’s iron seen better days. Is the sole plate covered in dirt and the water reservoir filled with rust. Before you throw it out, you should consider cleaning it. You might just be able to restore your iron to a like new condition. With irons these days costing up to $100 or more, this can save you a great deal of money.

To get started, you will need just a few things. You will need baking soda, vinegar, distilled water and a rag.

First, lets tackle the sole plate. Make a mixture of baking soda and water using equal parts of both. Now take a rag and use the mixture to clean off the sole plate, scrubbing away dirt and impurities. When you are finished, remove any residue from the sole plate with a clean towel soaked in water.

Next, it is time to clean out the water reservoir. Make a solution of distilled water and vinegar, using equal solutions of each. Fill the reservoir with the solution and turn the iron on to the lowest steam setting. Iron an old towel with the iron on the steam solution for around five minutes and then empty the reservoir.

You should now have an ion that is in much better condition and that is ready to give you a few more years of service. If the above steps fail to restore your iron, chances are it has seen its last pair of dress slacks and it should be replaced.